ICC565 Designing Interactivity

Course Website

Welcome to the complementary course website for ICC565 Designing Interactivity, an introductory course to website development and design, taught at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University by Associate Professor Adam Peruta.

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If you are in the class: The content and structure here closely follows the schedule from the course syllabus.

If you are not in the class: Feel free to use the site to help you in your journey to learn basic web development and design. Please understand that this site does not comprehensively cover the topic; it serves as an introduction to the basic principles.

Site Sections

The basic building blocks.

How to Use This Site

  1. Each section will have an overview lecture with a link to the slides for the entire section. You should watch this first for each section.
  2. Additional videos are provided for smaller topics and concepts within each section. You'll want to watch these in order for your first time through. After that, jump in and out and skip around as necessary.
  3. In many cases, sample code has been provided for you. Feel free to copy and paste and modify as necessary for your own work.